More housing planned – yippeeee!!!

According to a news report in the Guardian on 14th February, a lot of housing is planned for London! But its not really much help to Londoners looking for somewhere to live!

In a triangle bordered by the river, Battersea Park and the main railway line into Waterloo, 20,000 homes are being built – most of them luxury apartments in a cluster of high-rise towers that has been dubbed mini-Manhattan or Dubai-on-Thames.
“We will handle the odd instruction between £500,000 and £1m, but we are pitching this office at properties worth £1m-plus,” says Henry Wiltshire sales director Kyle Spence. “We are a very high-end brand.” They chose the area “because so many of our clients in Canary Wharf are now buying in Nine Elms as well”.

Central London could soon have a glut of expensive new homes. Using figures from researchers Lonres and Dataloft, consultancy Property Vision reckons more than 54,000 homes are planned or being built in prime areas of the capital, most of them costing more than £1m. This is despite the fact that last year, just 3,900 homes worth £1m or more were sold in central London. Across London, more than 200 tall towers have been proposed, approved or are already under construction.

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