A steady state economy – to grow or not to grow!

Shouldn’t we be OPTIMIZING the size of the economy rather than MAXIMIZING it? Is the argument put forward by the Centre for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy (CASSE).

We agree. Lets look at some of the points that CASSE make.

In cases where the benefits of growth outweigh the costs (for example, where excess ecological capacity exists and people are not consuming enough to meet their needs), growth is warranted prior to establishing a steady state economy. In cases where the economy has overshot ecological bounds, degrowth is necessary before
stabilization. Businesses, governments and citizens will need to adjust the scale of the economy through accurate measurement of
benefits and costs, trial and error, regulation of markets, and political will. This task of homing in on optimal scale is a critical challenge of our times, and the key to reaching a viable future.

For more: http://steadystate.org/discover/briefing-papers/

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