Time for a real debate??

News is out of a ‘debate’ on Radio Cornwall regarding housing development. For an incisive insight into the ‘debate’ why not visit the cornwall developers paradise blog.


A proper debate would as the blog suggests include the following:

Were Radio Cornwall genuinely serious about having a proper debate about Cornwall’s unsustainable growth cycle then it surely can’t be beyond their wit to organise a one to one debate between Cllr Hannaford and someone from the campaign for a more rational planning policy in Cornwall? Or between a planning officer and Cllr Hannaford on the one hand and a campaigner and a politician who’s explicitly on record as calling for a lower housing target on the other. That would be real balance.

Such a debate might begin by granting each participant five minutes to put the nub of their case and then proceed to clarify the issues, in the process investigating the various claims of Council and campaigners, for example

is the housing target driven by local need or external market demand?

what does it mean to say that less than 1% of Cornwall ‘has development’?

is population rising because of natural change, as the Council claims, or because of net migration, as the campaigners argue?
is the Home Choice Register a good surrogate measure for the number who need new housing, or is it being used to facilitate proposals for housing projects?

why do the planners believe the official population and household projections are ‘objective’ and always ‘right’ when they appear recently to have been always wrong?

why did Cornwall Council refuse to use the past three years to work up a special case for a lower housing target or lobby the DCLG about their inaccurate official projections?

how close is the relationship between Cornwall Council’s planning officers and ‘developers’? Are the Council’s planning officers colluding with developers and feeding them arguments for higher growth targets?

and finally, when and how will this endless growth end?
Who knows, if it started acting impartially, Radio Cornwall might even begin to turn into Radio Kernow.

We fully concur with the view expressed above.


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