End of year

What can we say? 2015 is likely to be rather like 2015. Developers will put forward more unsustainable proposals, using the same old bogus assertions to back them up; councillors will continue to vote through proposals; the Cornish environment will continue to degrade; we can expect more statements from politicians in the run-up to the general election about the need to build more houses, though we know that building houses and providing housing are two completely different things!

Ah and the Local Plan – well it will either get accepted or developers will persuade the Secretary of State that a higher level is needed!!!! Oh and if the plan is accepted don’t be surprised if it has no effect on developers coming forward with proposals that will raise house building above the target. They have been given plenty of potential sites in various plans and will always argue for more housing!

If only the Local Plan had been agreed some two years ago with a more realistic target of 29,000 then Cornwall would have been in a better state to deter over-development!


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