New ideas from 2014

Ah yes 2014 will be remembered for all those new ideas that developers and their supporters came up with to support housing development!

1) It will meet local housing need. Oh not that one again. Come on we all know that houses are built to stimulate not meet need.

2) There will be lots of new jobs as well. Ok, so we had 1000 houses and 1000 jobs, you add 100 houses and 100 jobs. Not really extra jobs are they!

3) The developer will provide extra facilities. Err right to meet the needs of the extra people, so overall the community is no better off!

4) There will be lots of green space provided. Ok, so thats say building on 8 out of ten hectares of land which was farmland (looks like green space to the uninitiated), and leaving 2 hectares of green space! Ummm sorry looks like less green space than before!

5) It will be sustainable. Sounds great but means nothing at all.

6) The land is of no environmental value – really? Pretty well most areas of land are of environmental value (until developed), so that to say ‘the land is of no environmental value’ is an untruth we guess!

7) There will be some road ‘improvements’ – aha, ok this is like (3) the additional road space will cater for the additional traffic. Once again there is no real gain!


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