Media in crisis

Well ‘Spotlight’ the local BBC arm covered the house plans target with three people in favour and one sort of against. That is what we call balance we think not!

And what did we learn? Well not a lot. A developer wants more houses – he would go for 60,000 himself – odd that a developer is hardly an unbiased source is he? (Oh and the 28,000 affordable houses needed – is he confusing that with the 28,000 on the HCR – not the same thing at all but who needs evidence!

And Lord Taylor thinks that making nice new estates is all fine – sorry your Lordship you cannot have huge new housing estates and provide a good environment.

Edwina Hannaford stated that 29% of Cornwall is protected – ah yes that means that 71% is not! If you dont live in a protected area – watch out – you could soon be living in urban Cornwall whether you like it or not!!


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