Imagine a lifetime of holidays on the Cornish coast?

So went an advert

“16 new holiday homes from £39,995 – £69,995 – Praa Sands’ sensational new development of just 16 beautifully appointed holiday homes, complete with the latest mod cons and tasteful furnishings, offers you and your family endless holidays and weekend escapes away from life’s everyday pressures.”

The advert also highlighted “Earn income when you’re not there!”

An ideal property for someone forced to live in the new housing being provided in Camborne-Redruth. When you want to get away from living in a house/flat next to a busy road just nip over to your property at Praa Sands!!

But its not really humourous – are these 16 included in the housing target total?

Do we want to encourage people to see Cornwall as a place where you make money out of property?

Are the ‘nice’ coastal areas being preserved so that people can have holiday homes which means that house-building is concentrated in the towns!


One comment on “Imagine a lifetime of holidays on the Cornish coast?

  1. Andrew Thomas says:

    The truly disgusting thing Is that these holiday homes are far more affordable than anything being built for local people on local wages.

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