A supermarket plus lots of houses for half a stadium!

According to a BBC news report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-30291823

A £10m stadium for Cornwall is a step closer after backers agreed a finance deal. The stadium development depends on plans for a commercial development near Truro being approved by Cornwall Council early next year. Development company Inox said money raised from a supermarket deal could fund the building of the stadium. Inox has agreed to contribute £8m with Truro and Penwith College adding £2m to build a 6,000-seat stadium.

The plans have been scaled back and the 6,000 capacity would not initially allow the Pirates, who are in English rugby’s second tier, to play in the Premiership, which requires a ground to have a 10,000 capacity.

So its only half a stadium and the prime aim of allowing the Pirates to get into the Premiership with a larger stadium is not going to happen!

“We hope the enormous community benefit the stadium will deliver for Truro and Cornwall will be a deciding factor when it comes before Cornwall Council’s planners,” he said.

Community benefit? as in what benefits? which community? Does a community in St Just gain? probably not! Do the non sporting community gain? Probably not!

The planning proposal is expected to be heard in January, together with rival plans for supermarkets in Truro. Ian Connell, chairman of the Cornish Pirates, said a home in the centre of the county would lead to an increase in attendance.

It might it might not but the aim of getting into the premiership is now not an option!

Martin Tucker, director at Truro and Penwith College, confirmed a contribution of £2m towards the cost of building the stadium.
He said the stadium would provide a home for business, catering and sports departments.

So are these existing departments? In which case no extra jobs!

There we have it, permission already granted for lots of houses – for the stadium, a supermarket which is only needed because of the extra houses – but only half a stadium! What next another big housing proposal for a full stadium?

When will supporters of half a stadium realise that the wool is being pulled over their eyes or are they quite happy to sacrifice large areas of open countryside/farmland for development?


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