St. Ives and second homes

St. Ives town council wants to stop new homes disappearing into the second home market. This has resulted in a vigorous discussion – see:

It’s Our Cornwall
The debate about the St Ives Neighbourhood Plan and its attempt to prevent more second homes hots up. Lib Dem MP Andrew George claims that it could be ‘hard to enforce and possibly illegal’. Far from being ‘illegal’, this initiative needs to be rolled out across all neighbourhood plans in Cornwall. The key seems to be to restrict any new housing to primary resident housing only.

And in the Guardian newspaper-

The town council’s ambitious scheme to address this will appear next week (week starting Nov 17) in the St Ives area draft neighbourhood development plan (NDP) – one of more than 1,000 such blueprints being prepared around the UK under the 2011 Localism Act. The policy suggests imposing a “full time principal residence requirement” on all new homes.

A community referendum will approve or reject the plan but such has been the outcry – with some local newspapers characterising it as a battle against the out-of-towners – that the council is now refusing to do interviews. It issued a statement in which it claimed it was trying to strike a “balance” that would be fair on visitors – and locals.

What do we think?

Well folks when it comes to houses for local residents or houses for holiday homes/lets it has to be houses for residents!


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