Broadmoor Farm – employment – the proposals

Broadmoor farm Planning Application: PA14/02447

The Broadmoor farm proposal provides for up to 6 hectares of employment land (Use classes B1/B2/B8);

Various points are made to support the proposal-

the development would provide housing and employment enabling those who wished to live and work in Saltash to do so;

the Government had directed that 1000 new homes should be built in and around Saltash and Broadmoor Farm would meet the housing and employment requirements for the area over the next 20 years.

As with many development proposals there is a mix of housing and employment. The employment is of course needed to match the extra jobseekers living in the new homes. As we have pointed out before these are not really ‘extra’ jobs, they are jobs to cater for the additional jobseekers from the additional population. As such they will NOT provide extra jobs for the existing population.


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