Broadmoor Farm and Housing (need)?

Broadmoor Farm
According to the documentation in the planning proposal:

The proposal will result in a minimum of 275 and a maximum of 400 affordable homes in an area of high need, the majority of which will be for rent, for which there is the greatest need. The revised proposal is therefore welcomed. Support is subject to the necessary controls being secured in the s106 agreement as set
out by the Affordable Housing Team.

The Cornwall housing register, known as Cornwall Homechoice, currently has 671 applicants in need of affordable housing to rent, demonstrating a local connection to Saltash. This number rises to 772 when adjoining Parishes are considered (a development of this scale would be expected to provide homes for those in need in adjoining Parishes). There are also 259 applicants on the
register for affordable homes to buy with a preference of Saltash.

Another example of the misuse of the HCR. Whichever figure is quoted – 259, 671 or 772, they are incorrect. Not all of the people on the HCR are in the high need band and most of the people on the HCR already live in a property!!

If we assume that half of those on the HCR are adequately housed (the average for Cornwall), that gives us figures of:
130, 336, and 386.

Of these the majority will already be living in accommodation, which means at most a need for new build of:

52, 134, and 154.

Those are more realistic figures and if we need to build them why build lots of unaffordable houses?

We do not need to build 1,000 houses near Saltash!!!


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