Empty land – really?

The Lyons report seems to think there is a plentiful supply of empty land out there.

As Kate Barker identified, the supply of land is not fully responsive to demand because it is constrained by the planning system. Planning plays a crucial function in bringing forward land for the proper provision of housing where and when it is needed whilst protecting land from unwanted or damaging development.

A significant proportion of our total land area is highly protected. We have 9.2% of total land in National Parks, 14.6% in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and 12.4% in green belt. There is some overlap of those areas and others forms of protection but there are still large parts of the country that are neither
protected nor urbanised.

Ah yes all that empty land – actually folks we need it for things like food production, green space, an environmental resource! And sorry England is already highly urbanised and over-populated.

Get a reality check – we need to plan for a population decline not increase!


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