Pool is the future – but its the wrong one!

According to last weeks ‘West Briton’ a ​Domino’s Pizza and Subway will be opening in Pool next year.

TWO Fast food giants are expected to open take-away outlets as part of the ongoing Pool regeneration project. A board announcing the arrival of Italian inspired Domino’s Pizza and sandwich shop Subway was erected in the Pool Retail Park today.

The takeaways are expected to open next year and will be built at the edge of the retail site near the traffic light controlled A3407 cross-roads. A spokesperson for Domino’s Pizza Group plc said: “We’ve identified Pool, as having great potential for pizza.

“Opening a store in the town will generate 25 – 35 new jobs for local people and we hope to be able to bring freshly made piping hot pizza to Pool early next year.”

Pool they said was the future and what a future – two new fast food outlets! Is that what regeneration is all about?

What about lots of highly paid jobs for the residents?
More jobs but with lots more houses planned these will only soak up some of the new jobseekers in the new houses!

And what about the traffic? Surely the fast food premises will not be relying on people walking and cycling to get their pizza will they?

As we have said before the new road will not cut congestion – just accommodate the extra traffic!

You were warned!

Read more: http://www.westbriton.co.uk/8203-Domino-s-Pizza-Subway-Pool/story-23040366-detail/story.html#ixzz3Fx8H9qLh


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