Here we go again!

An ‘Exciting. new (old) idea reappeared last week. Various news items extolled the plan for new garden cities.

Forty garden cities should be built in a swathe across England, the winner of a prestigious £250,000 economics prize has said.
David Rudlin, from the design consultancy Urbed, said the homes would be enough to provide new homes for 150,000 people in each town over the next three decades.

Mr Rudlin, who was unveiled as the winner of the Wolfson Economics Prize at a black tie dinner on Wednesday night, said new garden cities could be built in Northampton, Norwich, Rugby, Reading and Stafford.

He called for a new Garden Cities Act would allow these new towns to be built while protecting the countryside. He said the new garden cities had “the potential to make a significant contribution to meeting our housing needs as well as creating places that are attractive and popular, and that fulfill their economic potential”.

Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise, the chief executive of Next who is known to be close to George Osborne, the Chancellor, said: “We urgently need to build more houses and great places in Britain.

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Once again we have another ‘idea’ to ‘solve’ the housing crisis. What can we say? What is obvious is the people behind the idea – Lord Wolfson – a friend of George Osborne – that well known expert on the economy (not)!

No mention of the causes of house price rises – unsustainable growth of population, an influx of ‘hot’ money into property. Are these people so ignorant of the fact that England is an over-crowded country? Have they ever heard of sustainability? Do they actually know anything about the housing market?

The UK political establishment has lost its way exemplified by the housing issue – they all think that just building more houses is the solution. They never question the real housing issues and generally lack a basic knowledge of housing.


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