Cutting car use – some ideas

Some options below for cutting car use, gleaned from a variety of sources.

Organisational and operational
· Travel plans (workplace, school, residential, area-wide), personalised travel planning.
· Car pooling, car sharing and car clubs.
· Company work hours, flexible-working, home working.
· Home retailing and delivery.
· Tele-activities and interaction.
· Marketing/media campaigns.
· Transport optimisation, peak congestion avoidance.
· Slower speeds and ecological driving styles.

· Pricing regimes, including (where applicable) road user cordon charging, area-
licensing schemes, continuous charging.
· Vehicle ownership taxes.
· Public transport investment/subsidy.
· Parking charges – introduce car parking charges for all locations (with exception of health facilities)

· Improved public transport facilities – Rail, and bus, etc.
· Demand responsive transport.
· Improved walking and cycling facilities.
· Road space re-allocation and priority, traffic calming, access control and restrictions.
· Streetscape design.
· Parking

· Provide local facilities.
· Reject development proposals that generate significant levels of car use.
· Require all employers to participate in a local area travel plan.

· Plan ahead – combine several activities into one car trip
· If you just need a couple of items from the shop – why not walk?
· Looking for goods to buy – why not look online first rather than making lots of visits. Then when you know what you want and where to purchase it, use your next car trip to pick it up!
· Use local facilities when you can.
· Use alternative forms of transport as much as you can.
· Be responsible – if you choose to live in a rural area with limited//no public transport – then it’s a little unfair on the rest of the community to expect to have unlimited car use.

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