Mixed messages?

Last weeks ‘West Briton’ carried a number of transport related items. There was the ‘Fury at hike in RCH staff parking charge’, then ‘Online fingers are crossed for upgrade of A30’. Then there was ‘Record-breaking festival boosts local economy’ which referred to 35,000 people flocking to the town.

All three news items have a common theme, that of traffic and transport. Staff at RCH are understandably annoyed at increases in parking charges of up to 500%. The main alternative appears to be to use the Park and ride at Langarth which is of course basically an out of town car park! There are arguments that workers should pay for car parking and indeed there is some merit in this approach. However, to be fair good alternatives do need to be in place.

According to the ‘West Briton’ the majority of comments about dualling the A30 (see last weeks blog), were in favour with views such as ‘Just get on with it.’ and ‘Get it sorted.’ Sorry folks, whether you like it or not dualling is not the answer. How many times have we heard the statement ‘When this part of the road is dualled, there will be no more traffic hold-ups’? Each time a section of road is dualled, there are two basic consequences – the congestion moves somewhere else, and traffic levels rise leading to – yes you have guessed it congestion!

Now what about Falmouth? The organisers of the events were presumably gratified that 35,000 people turned up, but how did they get there? If as was presumably the case many drove there how much did the event add to traffic congestion?

All those who informed the ‘West Briton’ that more dualling on the A30 is the answer, need to ask some themselves some questions

1) Why is it that after many years of dualling and other
‘improvements’ there is still congestion?

2) Where do they think the extra traffic will go when it leaves
the A30? Have they not noticed that many Cornish towns are
also congested?

We have been here before – Goss Moor, Okehampton by-pass, do not be surprised if when the Carland Cross to Chiverton is dualled – the A30 and adjacent roads will still be congested!

It is unfortunate that the media support populist proposals without questioning whether they actually work. Simply collecting comments is not the way to conduct a meaningful discussion.


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