Cutting congestion

Ok if we are really serious about cutting congestion what do we need to do?

1) Get rid of the unsustainable and unnecessary housing targets.
The maximum needed between 2010 and 2030 is no more than

2) Planning – do not promote developments that generate car
Unless you can have a stadium which you can reach by walking,
catching a bus or train – forget it!

3) Manage potential traffic generation by:
Introducing a comprehensive system of car parking charges –
If you want to nip to shop by car you should expect to pay a
premium for contributing to road congestion!

Providing alternative public transport – invest in buses not

Bringing in travel plans for events that could generate
traffic – if you want a big firework display to attract
visitors make sure only a limited number travel by car!

4) As individuals we need to use local facilities wherever
possible and when we cannot – catch the bus or train!

5) Use the internet to browse for goods and services, then
either pick up the goods when you next visit a town or get
them delivered there is a delivery service – those red vans
that drive around with Royal Mail on them!

6) Wherever possible walk to the local shop; organise your trips
to minimise car trips; if you want to travel far get a coach
or catch a train.

7) Join or create a sustainable travel group – car sharing for
example; lobby Councillors and MPs to support sustainable
transport not more roads; relax and enjoy life – don’t become
dependent on the car!


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