7,660 dwellings in Camborne, Pool and Redruth – hang on thats 3000 more!

Yesterdays blog examined the news about the ‘advantages’ of the east west link road from Barncoose to Tesco Camborne. One ‘benefit’ was that “Once finished it will enable the development of 7,660 new homes…’

Now this is interesting/alarming/bizzare (take your pick) – the latest iteration of the Local Plan refers to a target of 4,500 dwellings in the Camborne, Illogan and Redruth area. So where does the figure of 7660 come from?

Has the target been moved up by 3,200? Is it a mistake?

Whichever figure is used the reasoning is flawed. The impression is given that the new road unlocks land which can be used for housing. And of hte 4500 houses planned for the area how many are close to the road? About 1100-1500! Presumably the 7660 figure is used to justify the road!!!

And the new jobs? (whatever the figure is) yes these are ‘extra jobs’ for the ‘extra jobseekers’ in the new houses!!!


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