New link road will lead to extra traffic!

No not the headline in last weeks ‘West Briton’ but that is what it should have read instead of ‘Transport Secretary views road from on high.’

Patrick McLoughlin visited Pool to look at progress on the infamous East-West Link road. He was impressed! The local MP George Eustice (of bonkers housing targets fame) stated “He was also impressed that the plans for the road will create up to 5,000 new jobs, lots of room for business development and housing.’ Later the WB report stated “Once finished it will enable the development of 7,660 new homes…’

Now once again the ostensible purpose of the new road is to relieve congestion. But it cannot and it will not. Its purpose is to allow for the development of 7,660 new houses and associated development including employment. 7,660 new houses – that could result in an 8,900 to 9,600 extra cars and of course the new developments such as Asda at Pool and a new cinema complex will generate more traffic!

So if anyone expects less congestion they are in for a nasty surprise!


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