More houses on the way!

We continue with extracts from ‘Going West, Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall.’

And a lot more houses on their way

What we can be certain about is that Cornwall Council’s Local Plan target of 47,500 new houses by 2030 at a minimum suggests a business as usual approach. Despite the evidence presented above for a long-term, falling population growth trend Cornwall Council and the Tory/Lib Dem Government are clearly unwilling to take advantage of this to reduce the numbers of houses being built in Cornwall to a more reasonable level and slow down the high rate of urbanisation. Not only that; they appear hell-bent on reversing the falling population growth rate by encouraging the building of a lot more houses over the next 20 year period. Moreover, Cornwall’s planners state that ‘in Cornwall … development targets have consistently been met or exceeded’. Their 47,500 house target is therefore a minimum. Over the next 20 years, we can expect a continuation of the strategy of the past 50 years. This was one of directly or indirectly encouraging the expansion of the built environment and with it a relatively rapid rise of population.


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