Another stadium?

News last week of another stadium proposal!!!!

Greenside Real Estate Solutions wants to build a stadium, retail and leisure park at Indian Queens, but is yet to submit a planning application. The stadium could be a new home for the Cornish Pirates rugby club and Truro City FC.

Rival company Inox, which had plans for a 10,000-seat sports stadium on the outskirts of Truro approved in 2013, has yet to comment. Malcolm Lea, from Greenside, said: “We are well aware of the need of a stadium for Cornwall and that previous proposals have not progressed. We believe that the site [Indian Queens] is the ideal location for the stadium, being easily accessible to a large part of the county by both road and rail.”

Funding for the stadium on the outskirts of Truro has been problematic with councillors voting against providing £10m of public money towards the project. Mr Lea said: “The retail commercial element of the development [at Indian Queens] will provide the money necessary to build the stadium.” He added it was “early days” and the plans were yet to be submitted to Cornwall Council.

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Comment Doubtless there will be some who will be pleased that another proposal has come forward! However, let’s have a reality check.

Its unlikely that one stadium is viable let alone two. The probability is therefore that only one could go ahead.

A major reason Inox got permission for 1500 houses was to support the stadium – if the other proposal went ahead then would the housing permission be revoked? Probably not!

Indian Queens a good location? Well if you want to encourage more car traffic on the A30 and the feeder roads Indian Queens is the site go plump for!

The retail and commercial element will pay for the stadium – oh where have we heard this before? [Is this the new way of getting support for development – will stadiums/associated developments be popping up all over Cornwall now?

For a sustainable Cornwall we need to keep sport local – local facilities generate higher levels of participation than iconic projects!


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