Cornwall – An over-crowded region

Today we start using extracts from ‘Going west? Housing, migration and population growth in Cornwall’.

This extract points out that contrary to some assertions Cornwall is not some under-populated empty region.

An over-crowded region
Cornwall is part of a relatively highly populated offshore island. If we compare Cornwall with regions across the rest of the European Union, we find that 150 of the 265 Level 2 regions had a lower population density in 2010. If we exclude the former districts of Caradon and North Cornwall, which contain the large upland area of Bodmin Moor, mid and west Cornwall enjoys a population density higher than 175, or 66% of all European level 2 regions. Cornwall is already relatively over-populated compared with the rest of Europe.

Most Cornish towns have doubled in size since 1961. Overall, the population of Cornwall rose by 57% over the last half century. This is a growth rate surpassed only by East Anglia.

You can download Going west Housing, migration and population in Cornwall here:


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