More people equal greater prosperity – don’t be daft!

Following on from yesterdays extract from Andrew Lilicos blog, we find the following comment:

Thus, much of the UK is not remotely full and has not experienced any material rise in population that makes immigrants difficult to absorb. Indeed, many regions (especially Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of North-East and South-West England), would benefit significantly from having more population, not only for the familiar reasons of cultural excitement and diversity and work ethic that immigrants bring, but for the more brute reason that it would be good to have more persons.

According to this approach more people living in an area is a ‘good thing’. Leaving aside the (non trivial) issue of environmental sustainability, how does this work in practise? Cornwall has seen a pretty large increase in population over the past 50 years yet oddly enough this has not had the alleged economic benefits!

Its time to reject the nostrums of the population growth aficionados, they just do not add up!

Andrew Lilico is an Economist with Europe Economics, and Chairman of the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee. He’s also been a mathematical chemist, an opera singer, a philosopher, and a computer programmer.


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