Housing target – comparing the wrong figures!

The housing target in the local plan will be measured against the number of dwellings completed.

A target of 47,000 over 20 years means that 2350 dwellings are required each year.

Looking at recent figures how do the figures look?

Between 2004-05 and 2011-12

According to the DCLG housing completions data the figure was: 12,750, (1,821 per annum);

According to the Annual Monitoring Report the total was: 17,780 (2,540 per annum);

According to the DCLG net supply data the total was: 19,840 (2,834 per annum).

If, as many commentators do, you use the DCLG housing completion figures, house building is too low.

If you use the AMR figures, it is higher than it should be!

And if you use the net supply figures, which would seem to be the most accurate ones to use, we are already building 20% more dwellings that the target figure suggests should be built!!!

So not only is the target incorrect in that it is not based on local need or likley population changes, it looks at house completions rather than the actual supply of accommodation!

Time for some changes in policy!


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