Another bonkers housing proposal!

CONCERNS have been raised over plans to build up to 160 new homes in Shortlanesend – which would increase the number by 50 per cent. A public exhibition is being held about the proposal for Cornwall Council-owned Carvinnack Farm. But residents fear the development is too big and could cut the village in half. Kingsley Wright, a former Kenwyn parish councillor, said: “We already have a number of new homes being built in the village and those will take care of the local need. To build another 160 would be too much and, if we’re not careful, we could have another Threemilestone. I fear this is just a first phase and we will see further applications for more homes. If that happens, the gap between Shortlanesend and the city will just disappear.”

Leaflets explaining the development plans have been sent to homes in Shortlanesend, explaining that the development is being planned in association with Devon and Cornwall Housing.

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Comment Shortlanesend has seen a number of development proposals which have produced numbers way in excess of local needs. This one is no exception. There are about 370 dwellings in and around Shortlanesend; an additional 160 would represent an increase of 43%!

So we have huge housing developments planned for Truro, ostensibly to meet housing need (amongst other reasons), and developments such as this – to meet housing need.

The figures do not add up and the rationale is flawed!

[Ed note: Is this not one of the sites which after initially appearing in the local plan was ruled out on the grounds that it was not really a serious development proposal?]


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