Playing catch up?

It is very easy to get lost in the mass of figures floating around. Development proposals refer to 200 houses here, a supermarket there, 150 new jobs and so on. Media headlines boldly announce “200 new jobs for Camborne”, “jobs boom for Truro”

It all sounds so good, progress is being made on the housing front, jobs are being created. But what does it all really mean?

Well we know that most of the new jobs and new houses are needed to keep up with population growth. As the population increases each year due to in-migration there is a need to provide jobs and houses to cater for the additional population.

This of course is one reason why despite having a relatively high numbers of extra dwellings each year we never manage to reduce housing need.

What is happening is that we are playing catch up, providing more houses, jobs etc to keep up with extra demand. In reality we are not moving forward at all but under the illusion that things are getting better!


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