Less traffic with a new supermarket???

A little gem from last weeks Strategic Planning Committee re a new supermarket west of Truro:

It is also worth noting that in common with all the applications currently under consideration that a new supermarket in this general location will intercept those trips from the west that would otherwise continue along the A390 to visit existing supermarkets further into the city. When considering these as standalone sites this effect provides some minor benefits in terms of reducing inbound traffic on the Highertown corridor, although these are largely subsumed once the full combined development identified in the A390 Brief is completed.

We do find this hard to believe. Oddly enough people do not necessarily visit their local supermarket, many are quite prepared to drive past one or two to visit their favourite one or visit somewhere else just because they can and want to!

It is also hard to imagine that people will not also want to visit other shops in the city centre. Difficult to see people driving to one supermarket and then so close to the exciting attractions of the city centre or perhaps Waitrose, turning back!

A question – where do these trips from the west originate from? Redruth or places further west along the A30? Are there no supermarkets in that metropolis?


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