Housing need exaggerated again!!!!

Last weeks planning report cited the Home Choice Register to justify the housing proposals.

The Housing needs evidence indicates: a high level of housing need in this locality which more than adequately justifies the type and mix of housing sought. The Cornwall housing register, known as Cornwall Homechoice, has 1,475 applicants in housing need, meeting the Truro or Kenwyn local connection criteria. There is therefore a very significant need for affordable housing which this proposal can
contribute towards.

We assume that the 1,475 includes all bands of need. In which case this is a gross exaggeration of actual needs.

Between 60-80% of households on the register are already living in a property.  They might want a smaller one, they might want a cheaper one, but contrary to some sensational reports they are not homeless.

At least half of all those on the HCR are generally considered to be adequately housed.

This means that at least 740 households are adequately housed and should not be included in the total; of the remaining 740, 590 are already living in accommodation and do not all require a new dwelling to be built for them.

If we are honest the main aim of the housebuilding outside Truro has nothing to do with meeting housing need and all to do with pursuing an unsustainable growth policy!


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