CPRE undermine demands for more housing land to be released!

CPRE make some important points about planning and housing.

We’ve published reports pointing to the need for alternative approaches to planning for housing. We’ve looked at the limitations of current Government projections about housing, and highlighted the different needs that make up people’s demands for housing.

We have also demonstrated that many of the assumptions people commonly make about housing have their limitations too. In the areas where we’ve looked, there’s been no sign of a shortage of building land. In fact in most areas – including the South East of England – there was enough land supply to last over ten years. And there’s no sign that releasing more land for housing developments will bring down house prices either.


Comment CPRE make some valid points. When developers complain about the lack of land and prestigious organisations such as the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund assert that planning is holding up housing development, we know that they are fundamentally wrong.

Does the fact that such organisations lend their support to more housing influence peoples views? Possibly, possibly not. Maybe we all assume that their views are widely known? Maybe we place too much emphasis on the role these organisations play>


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