CPRE NPF – some solutions?

CPRE have come up with some policies they want the Government to adopt:

We are calling on the Government to:

  • Make the development of brownfield land a priority which protects our precious countryside before developing on open countryside.
  • Make it clear that developers should be expected to meet local planning policy objectives so that there is not a presumption in favour of granting planning permission where the local authority is unable to demonstrate a five year land supply for housing.
  • Issue further guidance on national planning policies stating that development in and around villages should be considered through local plans taking into account the impact of development on the distinctive character of villages and the countryside.
  • Make sustainable development a priority, asking that developers demonstrate that planning proposals are socially and environmentally, as well as economically, sustainable.


Comment   Some interesting options outlined but with there are important gaps.  For example, what about a steady state population policy?  What about policies to restrict second homes and holiday lets?

And lets not forget there is very little real brownfield land around!  And people in urban areas also need and also deserve to have green areas!  One persons brownfield site may be anothers cherished green space!


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