Less space!!!

Houses in the UK are the smallest in Europe!!

The Royal Institute of British Architects point out the average size of a newly built one-bed home is just 46 square metres – the size of a tube carriage on the Jubilee Line.   It fears the government will get rid of or lower the current size standards for homes as part of a review it is carrying out.

RIBA has launched a campaign called HomeWise, headed by the presenter of Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme Kevin McCloud, to call for minimum size and light standards for homes.   He said: ‘This isn’t rocket science. We all instinctively respond to the opportunity for a view, a connection with the outdoors, fresh air, light and space.   ‘A return to minimum space standards which is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the people who will be living in new build homes.’


Average dwellings in the UK have an average floor area of 76m square.  In Germany its 109.2, in Denmark 137.


Now this does raise the question as to why?  Could it be that the UK is an overcrowded area?  Thats probably one important factor.  So when you next hear someone assert we need more people just ask whether it’s really such a good idea!!!



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