Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the biggest NIMBY of us all?

As we all know opponents of new development proposals are invariably dismissed as NIMBYs.  No debate no discussion if people who object are NIMBYs then case against the development dismissed!

But we all know there is a world of difference between those objecting to the loss of their local environment which is after all the most valuable to them and the real NIMBYs.  ANd who are the real NIMBYs?  Well those who are quite happy for land to be developed as long as it is not close to them and where they also obtain a financial benefit from the development.  One regular who turns up in this category is in fact Lord Falmouth (Tregothnan Estate) who it appears are quite happy to sell off agricultural land at Nansavallon to Truro FC.

The other serial offender is as we know that great environmentalist HRH Prince Charles.  So next time you hear the term NIMBY you know who it really refers to!


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