Truro Football club – some observations

We learn more about the proposal by Truro FC to sell their pitch and move elsewhere.  The ground has been sold to a UK investment company and they have contracted a company to develop a retail park on their behalf.  Proceeds from the development would allow for a new ground and if the club manage to gain promotion they would be able to compete with higher level teams.

This raises some interesting issues.  From the clubs perspective this all sounds fine but we have to bear in mind the wider implications.  These are the impact of a development elsewhere using up valuable land; the impact of more retail on transport issues and whether the site is appropriate anyway.

What we have is the club using the property market to fund a new ground.  The club gets the benefits but the rest of the community bear the costs.  Doubtless someone will say “ah yes but we need more retail, Truro is growing!”  Oh yes Truro is growing, a tsunami of urbanisation overwhelming the surrounding countryside.  This is all part of an unsustainable process of development which has nothing to do with housing need or of economic advantage for the local community but more to do with a dysfunctional housing market and an over reliance on property development.

The higher property values rise -whether housing or commercial – the greater the benefit for property companys and in this example Truro FC, but that is little consolation for anyone else!


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