Dancing in the streets – yippee!

News at the weekend informed us that:

The number of billionaires living in Britain has risen to more than 100 for the first time, a study has found.

Some 104 billionaires are now based in the UK – more than triple the number from a decade ago – with a combined wealth of more than £301bn, according to the Sunday Times rich list.

It means Britain has more billionaires per head of population than any other country, while London’s total of 72 sterling billionaires is more than any other city in the world, the study found.

The richest Briton, the Duke of Westminster, is ranked 10th on the list after his fortune rose to £8.5bn.

Last year, 88 billionaires were living in the UK, worth a total of more than £245bn, according to the list. In 2004, the number of billionaires in Britain was 30, with a combined wealth of £65bn, it said.


Well we were dancing in the streets, joining all those Londoners who were also gaily dancing the night away.   How lucky we all are.   All those worries about rising house prices and where to live were quickly forgotten.  Yippee!

Then someone brought the party to an end – by coming up with the outlandish statement that all these billionaires in London are actually part of the housing problem by pumping money into the London housing market and encouraging developers who are only bothered about the luxury market!   Well what can we say!


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