Another unsustainable development proposal!

Truro City’s football ground could be transformed into a retail park under new plans formally announced. Helical Retail presented its plans to develop the land at Treyew Road in Truro at a meeting on Thursday night. It believes the park, specialising in furnishing and other non-food businesses, could bring in about £16m and 150 jobs to the local economy.

The football club has struck a deal to develop a new ground and training facility as part of the proposals.

Pete Masters, chairman of Truro City, said: “At some point the Treyew Road site will be developed.

“We are trying to find a solution where the club gets a new ground and enhanced facilities, and Truro gets a development that satisfies everybody’s needs.”

A new piece of land has also been identified as a potential site for the football club at Nansavallan Farm in Killiow near Truro.

Comment Three short points:

  1. Does Truro really, really need more retail?
  2. This will result in more traffic – so no end to congestion then!
  3. Impact of new development at Nansavallan Farm.

Now at the moment the football club is nicely located in that its relatively easy to reach by people in Truro – walk or bus.   Killiow – not really walkable and less accessible by bus!  We can expect more traffic on this already busy road!!!

In essence this is a development which is unsustainable!


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