Sustainable – not really!

On Monday 28th April the East Sub-Area will discuss a proposal for 25 dwellings outside Saltash.

PA14/01188, Churchtown Farm Farm Lane St Stephens Saltash, Cornwall PL12 4AR.

One rationale for supporting the proposal is that:

Residents of the housing on this site would be well served by existing public transport provisions, and key facilities and services are readily accessible by non-vehicular modes of transport.    The site is a sustainable one which reinforces transportation strategy goals of encouraging modal switch from private cars to the use of bus, walking and cycling for localised trips. This at the strategic level lessens congestion potential from new housing growth on the road network.

Comment   There is a fundamental contradiction here.  Planning documents make much of the objective of encouraging people to use non-vehicular modes of transport on the one hand yet other policies encourage people to drive.   If you provide more road space people will use it; if you build more supermarkets people will travel there.

It might be technically possible for the residents of this development to visit local shops on foot, it might be technically possible to catch a bus; but in reality it’s not going to happen.   The residents will shop where they want and when they want and they will travel by car!  So the site is not really sustainable in transport terms at all!

Thats not to imply we favour car use, we don’t.  It is far too high.  But we need to adopt a sensible traffic demand strategy and discourage traffic generating developments to reduce car use.


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