Not the HCR again!!!

On Monday 28th April the East Sub-Area will discuss a proposal for 25 dwellings outside Saltash.

PA14/01188, Churchtown Farm Farm Lane St Stephens Saltash, Cornwall PL12 4AR.

Housing need is used as an argument to support the proposal:

In terms of providing evidence of a registered housing need the Council’s HomeChoice register identifies an acute level of local housing need in Saltash, with 666 applicants registered with a local connection with Saltash.

Comment We all know that the HCR is not a suitable measure of housing need.     The Strategic Housing Market Needs Assessment instead of using all bands on the HCR restricts itself to bands A to D.  That reduces the number in Saltash from 666 to 281.   The SHMNA also takes account of transfers for public sector housing within the A to D bands.   The average for Cornwall is 30%.   Again this reduces the number of new houses to be built.  We believe that the same rationale applies to the private sector – in many cases as a household moves out then a dwelling becomes vacant.   On this basis we estimate that the number of new houses that are required to be built equate to 20% of the A to D total.  In this case then the actual number of  new houses needed is 56, quite a lot lower than the 666 cited.

The moral of the story is do not use the HCR total as the number of new house builds required.


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