Hiding in nooks and crannies!


Tourists “manage to hide themselves very well because  it’s [Cornwall] a craggy place with lots of nooks and crannies so it doesn’t actually feel that busy except on the beaches”   So stated Sir Tim Smit last week.

Spot the tourist!

Spot the tourist!


Hidden or disguised?

Hidden or disguised?

We suspect that many residents of Cornwall have actually noticed tourists and their impact on traffic levels!

We might humbly suggest one of the reasons for the traffic jams on the A30 is that lots of  tourists travel around by car!  [The other factor is of course a rising population].

Cornwall’s over dependence on car-borne tourism is a problem that Sir Tim fails to grasp perhaps not surprising really as the Eden Project is somewhat reliant on the encouragement of car-borne tourists.

As Sir Tim suggested Cornwall does indeed need to move on from the 1970’s approach – that means abandoning the ‘we must build more roads’ approach and instead introducing traffic demand management policies.  Odd for an individual noted for an interest in the environment he made no reference to climate change!

Oh and by the way if you get out and about you will find that Cornwall is not that craggy!


Oh and is


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