Aha you ask another acronym and what is it?   AONBs are Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – designed to protect the ‘best’ areas although that is a rather subjective view!  They do have the rather unforeseen and socially divisive effect of protecting areas which tend to attract more affluent residents.   We end up with the poor living in areas where the environment is unprotected and the affluent living in protected areas.

For most people AONBs are not close by and have less significance than their local area so why not Areas of Outstanding Local Significance (AOLSs)?   All of those areas adjacent to where the bulk of the population live would gain this status.  All those local green areas – fields, open space, etc – where most people interact with the environment – and are in reality for most people the area that directly impacts upon their quality of life would gain special protection!  We could plan to improve the quality of life of our urban population.


One comment on “AONBs to AOLS

  1. David T says:

    AONBs and National Parks are part of the problem in many ways, you have a little area which is kept as what an agricultural landscape looked like 100 years ago, which isn’t nature anyway. We see some of this wrong-headed approach in places like Penwith Moors where someone in Natural England (sic) thinks that certain areas should be grazed, when actually overgrazing is what is impoverishing ecosystems.

    The areas that are included in the Cornwall AONB are pretty arbitrary in my eyes. Then you have other areas just because they don’t have the right acronyms ripe for development.

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