Houses for???

An interesting example of housing which is not housing!

Newly built 10 years ago within award winning gardens, this cottage is in walking distance of Maen Porth Beach and is just outside historic Falmouth with all its amenities, shops and the Maritime Museum. Maen Porth beach is 15 minutes walk/4 minutes by car. Falmouth is about 30 minutes walk, 10 minutes by car.

Situated in the countryside by a stream and in a quiet area, Happy Cottage is a perfect base to explore the area. Pendra Loweth itself is a select area, grouped around courtyards and landscaped gardens in a traditional Cornish style.

There are it appears 60 holiday cottages at this site – specifically built to serve the holiday sector.  They are we must admit set in  a very desirable location – an ideal place for a holiday or to live.   Anyone visiting the location might be fooled into thinking that this the type of housing which many residents of Cornwall enjoy.  They would be wrong.  Many of the new houses which are being built for people to live in for example in areas such as Camborne, or Pool are the exact opposite – high density, little if any green space and often located right next to a road!  In fact some lucky people in Camborne have Tesco car park on one side and the new road on the other! A very traditional Cornish style!

Is this the Cornwall we want?  Divided between those living or holidaying in desirable locations and those forced to live a totally urban high density existence!    This is of course the direct consequence of an unsustainable housing growth policy; where numbers build bear little relationship to numbers needed and to accommodate extra numbers some people have  to put up with a poorer quality of life.

Oddly enough this side effect of a bonkers housing policy gets little media coverage.  The mantra of ‘we must build more houses’ echoes from most political party spokespersons without any recognition that it neither works or that many houses are never intended for residents to live in anyway!

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