A small site – but important!

PA13/09018   Land East Of Trenant Farm Trenant Vale Wadebridge Cornwall.

Residential development of 5 dwellings with associated
access, infrastructure and landscaping.

The application site comprises a 0.47 ha area of grassland, part of a tree lined valley abutting the Trenant Industrial Estate, Wadebridge which lies to the north-east. The site is outside the Wadebridge Settlement Boundary and within an Open Area of Local Significance (OALS). This application seeks outline permission for the construction of  5 dwellings. The applicant seeks approval of the access with the other matters reserved for future consideration. Whilst it is recognised that this scheme would provide housing within a sustainable location, it is considered the proposed development of the site would have a materially adverse impact upon the character and appearance of the area and would impair the effectiveness of the OALS in serving its purpose as undeveloped land. Furthermore, in the absence of an appropriate legal undertaking there are no means to secure an appropriate education contribution or affordable housing provision in accordance with advice within the adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance `The Negotiation of Community Benefits’ February 2008 and paragraph 50 of the NPPF 2012

1 – The site comprises a tree lined valley that is designated as Open Area of Local Significance. The proposed development of the site would materially harm the character and appearance of the area, significantly impairing the effectiveness of the Open Area of Local Significance, which by reason of its undeveloped nature, contributes to the visual quality and amenities of

Comment  A small site, yet some important issues raised:

  • No provision of affordable housing –  not that we agree with the current policy of provision but this application illustrates that with small sites there is no guarantee of provision.
  • Impact on the OALS.  These areas provide important ‘green breaks’ and should be retained.  [Was not the Tolgus site next to the old bypass near Redruth an OALS?].
  • It’s currently farmland – how much farm land is lost each year through the development of sites such as this?  Overall, too much agricultural land is lost each year in Cornwall from sites large and small.

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