How difficult is it?

It seems that despite all the blogs here and elsewhere – particularly ‘It’s Our Cornwall’, all the briefing papers posted on the CoSERG website, we still find people who persist in thinking that we have to build more houses than we need.

Some simple misconceptions are used to support this approach:

The Homechoice Register measures housing need and the numbers are rising!

It does not measure need; unlike other local authority registers it has not been revised; and, most people on the register already live in accommodation.

Developers build houses to house people.

Err no, not true!  Developers build houses to sell – for investment, for holiday homes, holiday lets and promote new housing in areas far from Cornwall thus enticing people to move here!  [How many times do we need to repeat that marketing is aimed at these groups?  Look at the adverts if you do not believe it!].

Building more houses will boost the economy

If that is the case why is Cornwall in the doldrums?  The number of houses built over the past 50 years has not exactly created a strong economy!

Household change means we need more housing!

Not true.  Very few houses are needed to accommodate household change in Cornwall.  Most new housing built between 2001 and 2011 was to accommodate people moving to Cornwall and the holiday sector.

Left to its own devices the population of Cornwall would either be stable or more likely falling!

So there we are – message over and out!!!


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