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Cornwall Council’s Local Plan housing target, a minimum of 47,500 houses to be built between 2010 and 2030, is too high and ought to be reduced.

Cornwall’s population has grown since 1961 by more than 200,000, or 60%. That’s more than double the growth rate for England. Yet, Cornwall Council now wants to increase the building rate from 42,100 houses in the past 20 years to 47,500 in the next. That’s the equivalent of building at least five new Truros. In just 20 years.

Building on this scale adds to congestion and pollution, eats up agricultural land, destroys cherished landscapes, diminishes environmental biodiversity and threatens Cornwall’s Cornishness. If it continues, this will produce a population of over 850,000 by the end of the century.

We do not need this number of houses. Around one in eight of our houses are now second homes, holiday lets or stand empty. At least 90% of the proposed net growth in housing will feed demand from people currently living outside Cornwall.

This cannot go on. Cornish communities have to start to say ‘enough is enough’. Developer-led planning for unnecessary, speculative and unaffordable housing must be replaced by democratic planning for genuine needs with affordable housing.

Join and say no to 47,500.

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