Supporting the petition

CoSERG supports the petition which has been set up on:

Interviewer:  Why does CoSERG support the petition?

CoSERGInfo:   Quite simply a target of 47,500 houses in Cornwall is simply unsustainable, inappropriate and unnecessary.

Int:  Some would argue that we need those houses to meet local need?

CI: No doubt some would.  But we know that building houses and providing houses for local need are two completely different things!

Int:  In what way?

CI: Well most houses are not built to meet local housing need.  Developers are quite happy to build houses for people to buy for second homes, holiday lets or to encourage people to move to Cornwall.

Int: But there’s nothing we can about that is there?

CI:  Policy change is always an option.  We can change policy if we try.  It’s that no-one is really trying at the moment!  We know that the evidence backs up a lower target not a higher one!

Int: What about the argument that a lower target would be rejected?  

CI: It might. But lets consider the issues.  There is a very robust, evidence rich argument to argue for a lower figure.  Lets go for the 29,000 figure as a stopgap measure.  Now it might be successful.  It might not, Government (and opposition parties) are obsessed with building more houses), so anything goes.  But at least the case would have been made.  If rejected, it would be central Government imposing a target.

Int:  So what is your advice?

CI: If you want a lower target sign the petition!


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