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Some interesting comments from ‘It’s Our Cornwall’.

In plumping for a housing target of 47,500 Cornwall’s planning ‘officers strongly advised that the overall housing numbers should reflect national demographic projections so as to be robust’. Why are the officers so keen to accept inaccurate projections as ‘robust’? The last four of these overestimated Cornwall’s population growth in the 2000s – by 59%, 69%, 28% and 28%. How have they got away with manoeuvring councillors into adopting a hopelessly weak negotiating position while refusing to make a special case for Cornwall?

To support their application for 650 houses and associated suburban necessities of life (supermarket, shops, restaurant, petrol station, hotel etc) the Maiden Green developers at Truro cite the fact the Council has given permission for 1,500 houses at Langarth and a supermarket at Hendra, both north of the A390. Shooting oneself in the foot? By carefully and deliberately aiming? And so it goes on. And on. And … When is Cornwall Council going to rein in its planners and say enough is enough?

The outline application for the Maiden Green development west of Treliske at Truro is now submitted. Designed to attract a net extra 1,300 migrants to Cornwall, it includes 650 houses, employment space, a pub and a restaurant, shops, supermarket, petrol station and a hotel. Oh, and a school, community hall, new roads and public open spaces for all the new people to use and councillors to vote for.

Property developers and investment group Terrace Hill (offices at London, Glasgow, Teesside, Manchester and Bristol) plan a massive 250 house extension to Penzance on its eastern approaches. “Our people promote sustainable development, considering social and environmental issues” they say, which in Cornwall translates into building all over the skyline. After a fall in profits last year Terrace Hill sold off a lot of its residential assets. But not these, unfortunately.




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