Heartlands – a troubled legacy?

News last week that in an effort to keep going ‘Heartlands’ is cutting rents for business tenants by 30%.

The meeting, held behind closed doors at Heartlands on Friday February 7, unveiled the management team’s new busines plan that aims to bring more people to the site amid fears it was turning into a “ghost town”.   A new car park ticket scheme is also being launched, with £1 vouchers, redeemable at Heartlands, printed with them.

Sean O’Neill, chief operating officer at Heartlands, said: “We are pleased to be offering year-round reduced rents for our ‘creative’ tenants effective from April 1.   “This is in an effort to retain the valued community which we have, and also to attract a greater number of ‘creative’ tenants in the future. .

“The reduction in rent is significant at around 30 per cent, so we are optimistic that this will be attractive.

“We will also be adding an offer in the next few weeks to the tickets purchased in the car park.

“The offer allows those who have purchased the ticket a £1 voucher off any purchase made on the day at any outlet on site, including our tenants’ outlets.  “We’re just awaiting the pay and display machines being reprogrammed.

“There are a few other changes in the business plan, such as the opening up of the site to community groups and organisations over the coming year to provide something different for visitors.   “A small catering outlet in the playground will be introduced, following public feedback that the Red River Café was a little far away.”    Mr O’Neill confirmed the management team had looked into whether it could relocate Heartlands’ car park, but it was not feasible to do so.


Comment  ‘Heartlands’ has always been contentious.  Was it really community led?  Was it really a good idea to have a project which depended on encouraging more people to travel to Pool by car?   Could existing play areas have been upgraded at a far lower cost?   Would it have been better to use the old farmland for something else?

Heartlands is a good example of an iconic project – they are not always good for Cornwall!


One comment on “Heartlands – a troubled legacy?

  1. Liz Grant says:

    Heartlands seems to be always closed. Why go there when there is nothing open? The cafe in our mind is far too expensive, especially for those people with several children. Let’s face it, that’s why a lot of people with children go there, so they can play on the lovely playground. The only saving grace of Heartlands. The cafe in the evening needs to attract people who would like a nice meal. It seems to close early. The only shop that may be open is the gift shop. This is a pleasant shop and sells reasonable things for momentos to take home. Heartlands is not advertized very well. If you are on the by pass there is nothing to tell you that it exists, let alone how to get to it. Parking should be free. At least for the first three hours. I have walked through the grounds and not seen a single person. The apartments have been ready for people since last summer but nobody is living there as far as I can see. It has become a bit of a dead place. The houses at the top of Tuckingmill hill demolished for the road widening that hasn’t used the space in a sensible way, not enough lanes. The land where the houses once stood looks like a bomb site. The wild flowers are begginning to get a hold but it really does look barren. The bill boards are ugly, showing liquorice allsorts shaped houses, and the bill board outside B and Q saying some silly things that someone was probably paid a vast amount of cash for producing it, that doesn’t make any real sense. Candy culture, yuk! We are a place of historic value, not a sweet.I could go on. It really needs some grown up sorting out. Some plants and trees planting at the top of the hill where the houses once stood. Those ugly fences taken down. Why are they there, who would want to go onto that barren land anyway and if they did what harm could they do? I really do hope that it will be sorted out as I think it could be a very attractive place to visit and live.

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