Illogan housing proposal – some comments!

Today – West Area Planning


Land To East Of Trevelyan Road Park Bottom Redruth Cornwall

Outline application for residential development of 69 dwellings together with domestic gardens, landscaped space, roads, infrastructure with provision of allotment land for Illogan Parish Council.

This is a Greenfield site at Park Bottom. The proposed development is well located to Park Bottom and is within walking distance of local services. The scheme would also contribute towards the supply of and provide a mix and range of housing in the area.

[within walking distance?  maybe but people will still travel to work and for the weekly shop so more traffic in the area!]

The scheme would inevitably cause a loss of agricultural land although the land has not been in agricultural use for some time and the loss is not considered significant.   The principle of development is therefore considered acceptable.

[The loss of an individual site may not result in a significant loss but the individual sites add up to quite a lot of land – therefore very significant!]

There is a significant need for affordable housing in the area and the proposal will provide up to 32% of the total numbers of houses as affordable housing. While this figure is below the figure proposed in the emerging draft Cornwall Local Plan (40%),

[All new housing should be affordable!  Otherwise we end up building tooo many houses!]

The parish of Illogan has a significant affordable housing need, with 290 households currently listed on the Council’s housing register with a local connection (December 2013). Of this, 132 households are in Bands A-D and are considered to have a ‘reasonable preference’.

[If we assume that 80% are already living in dwellings then we need about 26 new dwellings for those most in need!

[When will the HCR be amended as other HCRs are?  This would give a more realistic idea of housing need?]


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