Hayle retail park good for town centre – really?


A £30 MILLION retail development at Hayle could be good, not bad, for the town centre, local business leaders insist.   Some objectors to the plan by Cranford Developments – which would see Debenhams and other large retailers move into Marsh Lane – have said it will spell the end of the high street, but some Hayle business people say it could have the opposite effect.

Mr Joslin (Hayle Chamber of Commerce) said with Asda being built on South Quay, development at both ends of Hayle could draw people through the town centre. “We didn’t really want the supermarket on South Quay, but instead of moaning we just said, ‘Let’s be positive about this; let’s work with it. We need some way of getting people to go through the town. Everyone will want to come round the new Hayle’.”

Read more: http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/Retail-plan-good-town-centre/story-20519931-detail/story.html#ixzz2sNPfaagY

Comment – We always hear that new stores will attract people to shop in elsewhere in the town.  Some people probably will – though the idea of more people driving from one end of Hayle does not sound like a good idea!

But the reality is that most people will probably visit the retail park and then drive – not much use to town centre retailers!

Oh and it means the loss of more green areas at Marsh Lane – don’t forget that!


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