Broadmoor farm – support?

The developers who want to develop Broadmoor farm claim that the majority of those who visited their exhibition were in favour of the proposals.

Residents totalling 82 percent said they welcomed plans for a new roundabout at Stoketon Cross and 73 percent thought the proposed roundabout at the Carkeel eastern site access was a good idea, according to the CEG.

…  82 percent said they supported the types and range of open spaces suggested, according to the developers.

Residents totalling 71 percent liked the site’s mix of uses including employment, affordable housing and a small number of convenience shops

There are major problems with consultations of this type.

  • What background information is given to aid in the discussion?
  • Are residents looking at the actual need for a proposal or the alleged advantages of this particular development?  It is very easy to get bogged down looking at the alleged benefits of a proposal rather than ask the fundamental question do we need it?

With most developments the impression given is that the houses, jobs, facilities are somehow additions for the existing community when in most cases they simply provide houses, jobs etc for the additional households.    In this instance the new roundabouts will not as residents might imagine somehow make it easier for existing motorists.  They will be needed to accommodate the extra traffic that the site will generate.   Residents will not be better off!

[For example, if a town has 1000 dwellings with 1000 workers and 100 more dwellings are built with employment capacity for 100 jobs, the 100 jobs will be needed for the 100 new jobseekers.  At the end of the day there will be 1100 houses, 1100 workers and 1100 jobs.  The ratios remain the same – one to one to one!

If 100 new jobs were created such that people living in the 1000 dwellings who wanted a job could get one then there would be extra jobs!

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