More shops?

Another proposal for more shop!

AMBITIOUS plans for a multi-million-pound shopping park which could see retail giants move into Hayle have been submitted to Cornwall Council.  Cranford Developments is hoping to get permission for eight retail units on land near Marsh Lane, including Debenhams, H&M and TK Maxx, creating up to 500 jobs.

As part of the consultation process, Cranford exhibited its proposals to local residents in September last year.   More than 900 people submitted their views, with 94 per cent supporting the plans.     Bill Oakley, chairman of Cranford Developments, said: “We have had a fantastic response from local  people and we have listened carefully to their suggestions.    “This scheme will bring over £30 million of investment to west Cornwall, providing hundreds of jobs and a boost for the local economy. The scheme will also bring many community benefits, including an enhanced nature reserve and significant improvements to the A30.”

 Comment  – ok developers know how to get support for unsustainable proposals, tug at people’s desire to shop until they drop or conjure up images of a family in housing and lots of people will rush to support you.  We say lots but there are also those out there who did not  comment – are they neutral or against?
Now there are problems with this approach.  There is no real debate about all of the implications of the development proposal:
  • Impact on other retail centres
  • Impact on the environment
  • Impact on traffic

Plus of course some wider questions – is retail really the right way ahead?

Are these extra jobs or jobs to meet the needs of extra jobseekers who will live in the extra houses?

We must never forget that all of this retail development is not coming forward because the retail giants are being altruistic,  they probably look at the housing targets and understandably think ‘ok folks let’s get the development going, look at all that potential extra demand!’.

What we are seeing is lots of extra development but not necessarily an improvement in the economy or quality of life!

Oh and the enhanced buffer zone – err what about the loss of habitat which will be far greater!

And ‘improvements’ to the A30 – don’t be silly – that will be to allow for the cars zooming westwards to the stores!


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